Amazing days at Beta International 2019!

Amazing few days at BETA International 2019!

Benny the Pony

We have had an amazing few days at BETA International trade fair. Not only Benny the famous shetland pony made an visit to our stand,  but we have met such an great bunch of retailers who we are really excited about working with. Please keep an eye on the shop locator as all our new stockists will be uploaded over the next few weeks .

Next to our special glue to build flytraps around people and livestock we have introduced a new product for 2019,


The Sticky Trap ball.



Cleaning of the ball can be done with a spatula so the ball can be re-used.

Video of the Sticky Trap flytrap ball.

Ideal to use in combination with the Sticky Trap Pole (145 cm) to hang the trap in every location. For example near horses and livestock, by the pool, in your garden and any other place where problems occurs wit biting insects.

Our next  stop is the  Spoga horse fair in Collogne starting 2-4 Feb on stand A No 031. 

We are all ready and prepared for the summer we will be attending all the major horse shows in the couple of months.

Sticky Trap Flytrap glue used in the Zoo.

Sticky Trap Flytrap glue used in the Zoo.

Over the past years we have seen many use for our natural flytrap made with Sticky Trap and a black bucket around horses to catch biting horseflies. Our special flytrap glue can be used anywhere, inside stables, around horses & cattle but also in kitchens.


Last year we are starting to see more use cases in zoos and we are very proud of this. The animals are free of difficulties without using harmful and toxic products and that’s a win-win situation. Both outside and inside the premises where animals live is Sticky-Trap in use and as you can see, this brings a lot of interest among residents as well.


When visiting zoo’s in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands you can notice strangely hung black and white buckets. These are traps made our special and ecofriendly Sticky Trap Flytrap glue. They are found on different places: on the runways of giraffes, zebras, Somali donkeys, reindeer and other livestock.

White buckets are also installed inside the rooms centrally above the animals. They will protect animals from intrusive and disease spreading flies which normally cause many problems.


Years of pesticide use, agricultural poison such as roundup have caused major damage to the ecological system.
 '' Sticky Trap tackles the problem of biting horseflies and irritating flies without the use of pesticides! ''